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Television Services We Provide

Product Representation
Whether you have a new product or are looking for different avenues for an existing one,
PMG can help. Â The PMG network of professionals has successfully marketed and
represented products and companies to the top television sales channels. Â Â We are not
afraid to do the hard work it takes to get your product in front of the right buyer, sold, and
in the consumer’s hands!

Television Sales
With exposure to over 110 million homes and over $15 Billion in annual revenue,
television sales channels and infomercials are a powerful tool for both profit and
exposure. Â The PMG team has extensive experience in television sales and has direct
access to the biggest names in the industry. Â We can help your product through every
step of the process, from product review through on-air presentation and results
analysis. Â Put the power of this massive industry to work for you!!

Frequently Asked Questions
New clients or potential clients frequently ask the same questions, so we have created
a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers for your convenience. Â If you
have any additional questions or need further explanation, please feel free to contact us.

What is the process that a product needs to go through to get on television?
1. Â The process starts with taking a sample of the product(s) to the appropriate buyer. Â
This is probably one of the most difficult steps for companies because of the limited
access to the buyers. Â PMG has access to buyers and in most cases can put the
product on the buyer’s desk.

2. Â Once the buyer and vendor agree on pricing, configuration, and terms of the
purchase order, the buyer will then send the product through a rigorous quality
assurance (QA) testing procedure. Â This is usually one of the longest steps for the
product because everything has to be perfect. Â There are usually several attempts
before the product passes QA.

3. Â After QA and during the shipping process, a broadcast strategy will need to be put in
place to make the most out of your 8 minutes of airtime. Â PMG will work with you to
achieve the optimum broadcast strategy.

4. Â In some cases, the product will then need a B-Roll. Â This is a short film that shows
the product and demonstrates the product using examples that usually cannot be
performed in the studio. Â The cost of producing a B-Roll is not covered by PMG. Â Once
the B-Roll is created, it usually will last the life of the product.

5. Â In some cases, the product will also need props for the on-air sell. Â PMG will assist
in the design of any props and demonstrations that will be needed for the on-air
presentation. Â The costs of the props and their construction are not covered by PMG.

6. Â Finally, a product will need a spokesperson. Â PMG will locate, train, and rehearse an
on-air personality for your products. Â PMG will not cover the cost of a celebrity

How long does the product have to sell on television?
You will usually have an 8 minute time slot to sell your product. Â You will usually have 2
attempts to sellout your product.

What time will my product appear on-air?
It is very difficult to determine what time your product will appear on air. Â PMG has no
control over when a product will appear. Â With a good time slot comes high sales
expectations with the product. Â The product is expected to perform best during prime
time and lower sales are expected during off-peak time periods.

How may pieces of product will be on the initial PO?
The shopping networks have numerous examples of products and how well they
perform to use as benchmarks. Â The initial PO will usually be fairly small to achieve a
“sellout†during the initial on-air presentation and will be at a minimum of $25,000.  The
shopping networks will gradually increase the PO’s as a track record of the products
starts to develop. Â The shopping networks do not want to go through the trouble of
returning the product to you if it does not do well.

Can I have my product on multiple shopping channels?
No, shopping channels are very competitive and will not allow you to have a product on
multiple channels.

How much does it cost to get the product on the shopping channels?
The only costs associated with the shopping channels are the B-Roll and the costs
associated with props or demonstrations. Â If you wish to have a celebrity spokesperson,
you will also have to pay for their appearance. Â Vendors do not pay for airtime or ad
space on the networks. Â

Who pays for the shipping of the product?
You are responsible for shipping the product to the shopping channels. Â The customer
who purchases the product on television will pay for the shipping from the shopping
channel to the customer’s home.  If a product is returned, the network will usually pay
for the shipping back to the shopping channel. Â These returns are handled on an
individual basis to determine if the shopping channel or your company will pay for the
shipping back to your company.

How and when does PROformance Marketing Group collect their commissions?
PMG will only be paid commission on product that sells on the air. Â PMG will not collect
any upfront fees. Â The commission is paid to PMG no later that 15 days after the check
from the shopping channel is received.

How quickly will I receive payment from the shopping channels?
In most cases, expect a net 45 or net 60 after first airdate. There are, however, several
variables that can affect this timeline. Â This is an area that that will need to be
discussed between your company and the shopping channel. Â As a general rule, expect
3 months between purchase order and airtime.

What type of return policy do the shopping channels have?
The shopping channels have a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

What other companies does PMG represent?
PMG keeps the companies it represents confidential.

Do I have to pay for advertising?
No, you do not pay any advertising costs to have your product on-air. Â

What will it do to my brand if I have my product on the shopping channels?
Some of the biggest companies in the world have their products on the shopping
channels. Â Most companies feel that having access to over 80 million homes for an 8
minute presentation can only do positive things for the product and company. Â Some
companies have actually launched their new products on the shopping channels. Â
There is a stereotype that having your product on the shopping channels will hurt your
brand…this is simply not the case.

Why would I want to take my products to the shopping channels?
The shopping channels have access to over 80 million homes and generate over $15
billion dollars annually. Â Also, with brick and mortar retailers struggling, this is an
alternate opportunity to make up for decreasing sales.

If my product has already been accepted at a shopping network, do I still need PMG?
Yes! Â Getting your product accepted is less than half the battle. Â 7 out of 10 first-time
products never return on-air.  By far and away the biggest cause of a product’s failure is
a vendor’s lack of understanding of television sales.  Our expertise and strategy can be
the difference between success and failure. Â We represent many products that we did
not initially present to a buyer, but have become successful through PMG’s efforts in
both developing a television sales strategy and serving as a “local voice†for the vendor.

Will I need to submit a sample of my product to the buyers?
Yes, in most cases you will need to submit a sample to the buyers. Â Please understand
that these samples will not be returned. Â You will also pay for the shipping costs to
send PMG the sample.